Why you shouldn’t buy over-the-counter hearing aids?

It's a common mistake. People feel their hearing going, but decide that it's not bad enough to go to a clinician for help. Instead, they just go to the pharmacy and pick up an over-the-counter hearing solution. This might work temporarily, however it's definitely not a permanent solution.

Today, we'll tell you why it's not in your best interests to get hearing aids from anywhere but a hearing office with trained professionals like Western hearing. Let's check it out.

Hearing could get worse 

If you were feeling sick to the point where you needed to go to the hospital, you wouldn't try to play doctor yourself. The same goes for hearing. You need a professional to run an audiogram and other tests to tell you specifically what type of hearing loss you have – if you have any at all! If you don't have serious hearing loss, there was no harm in looking into it (especially since that first appointment is FREE*).

However, if you do have a degree of hearing loss and let it go untreated, you could end up with a much worse problem in the future! There are a variety of different types of hearing loss and models to correspond, so your best bet is to head to your nearest audiologist.

Thinking twice about buying over the counter?Thinking twice about buying over the counter?

Could end up being more expensive 

And if your hearing worsens, you'll likely end up needing to pay for a more expensive solution on top of the over-the-counter hearing aids. Many people think that they'll save a quick buck, but without a solution tailored to you, your ears aren't getting the help they really need. Plus, you'll probably end up having to purchase multiple over-the-counter-devices as they aren't really made to last!

You'll probably end up having to purchase multiple over-the-counter-devices.

Your audiologist will also show you how to properly care for your hearing solution which will help increase its lifespan as well – no such instruction with its counterpart!

The hearing solutions are more stylish 

One of the big reasons people skip the audiologist is because they don't like how the bulky device will look. But we're here to tell you that there are tonnes of different hearing device models to choose from, many of which are perfectly stylish!

To learn more about your hearing solution options and what is best for you based on your hearing condition, click here and book a FREE* appointment, or call 1800 940 981 to chat with one of our knowledgeable clinicians.