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Can I find relief for my tinnitus symptoms?

You may not have realised it, but there are currently millions of people living with tinnitus around the world. Characterised by an internal ringing, humming or buzzing noise in one or both ears, the hearing condition is estimated to affect as many as one in seven people worldwide1, according to a study published in the Journal...

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Researchers one step closer to understanding age-related hearing loss

Throughout our lifetime, our bodies are subjected to no little amount of change, developing sharper mental abilities and physical prowess as we age from young children into fully fledged adults. However, there comes a time when our incredibly honed senses begin to dull, affecting our vision and hearing as well as our mobility and cognitive acuity....

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Adjusting to wearing hearing aids

If you have recently decided to get hearing aids, then congratulations, because you've taken the first step towards recovering some of the familiar sounds you may have been missing.  You're already ahead of the estimated 80 per cent of people who could benefit from a hearing solution but don't use one, according to a study by the...

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Hearing Awareness Week 2015: Addressing hearing conditions

One of our precious five senses, hearing is something that is far too easy to take for granted until we begin to experience trouble with our ears. The Department of Health’s nationwide Hearing Awareness Week aims to highlight the effects of hearing loss as well as how to prevent it and when to seek treatment....

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