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Western Hearing Services was established in 1986 and has focused on providing an exceptional standard of hearing healthcare. We have provided solutions for thousands of Western Australians to help enhanced their hearing over the past 30 years.

Not being able to hear clearly could have a profound impact to someone’s social life and emotional wellbeing. When one can’t hear, he or she tend to isolate themselves from the people surrounded by them and the things they used to enjoy.

Untreated hearing loss in children can lead to speech, language, cognitive and general developmental delay, while in adults hearing loss may lead to depression, anxiety and various mental health disorders.

An audiological hearing test can assist in the prevention, assessment and management of hearing health, overcome communication challenges and could make positive improvements in your quality of life.

Our Team

For over 30 years the team at Western Hearing Services have been dedicated to providing high quality, professional care. We deliver the promise of first class service to all our clients, whether with government subsidies or privately funded. This is why we have grown and continue to extend our lead in the marketplace of professional hearing healthcare.

Our Services

Western Hearing Services provide a comprehensive range of hearing health services* and affordable customised hearing health solutions for all ages.

We offer a wide range of hearing health care and services* for you, your partner, relative, friend, patient and children, including:

  • Adult hearing tests
  • Pensioner and veteran government subsidies hearing tests
  • Paediatric assessments
  • Patient hearing assessments
  • Pre and post employment assessments
  • WorkCover hearing assessments
  • Baseline audiological assessments
  • Full audiological assessments
  • Central auditory processing disorders (CAPD) assessments
  • Speech discrimination testing
  • Otoacoustic emission testing
  • Diving audiogram
  • Pilot audiogram
  • Track access audiogram
  • Hearing aid prescriptions
  • Hearing aid fittings
  • Hearing aid repairs and maintenance
  • Yearly hearing review


Tinnitus Testing, Diagnosis and Treatment

Our friendly team of Audiologists and Audiometrists are trained and specialised in tinnitus, our professional services includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your hearing health history
  • Ear health examination
  • Tinnitus pitch and loudness test for sound tolerance assessments
  • Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT)
  • Tinnitus hearing aid prescriptions
  • Tinnitus hearing aid fittings
  • Routine hearing and speech tests



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