Why it’s time to put a hearing test at the top of your to do list


It’s not just older people who make up the one six Australians living with some form of hearing loss1, it’s younger generations as well. A reported 5 per cent of people aged 15 – 51 have some degree of hearing impairment2.

No matter how old, here are four reasons why you should get a hearing assessment today.

Undetected hearing loss can put a strain on relationships

In Australia alone, there are 6300 live music gigs held every week across the country, according to the Australian Government3. With the average concert reaching noise levels of 120 – 129 decibels4 (dB) – 40 dB over the recommended guidelines – it’s no surprise that noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) makes up 37 per cent of hearing loss cases among the young and old1.

Although the ringing in your ears may seem harmless, it’s a sign you’ve been exposed to dangerous levels of noise and can lead to further damage. If ignored, undetected hearing loss can make the affected individual seem inattentive, distracted and that they do not want to listen. This can cause a strain on relationships for no reason other than undiagnosed hearing loss.

Put a hearing test at the top of your to do list.Put a hearing test at the top of your to do list.

Your job performance could be affected

In any job, individuals are expected to listen to instructions to complete their duties and progress in the field of work. However, if an employee is living with undetected hearing loss, they could compromise their job security. If the affected person cannot hear certain things, they can’t understand exactly what needs to be done which can lead to missing out on promotions, anger from a manager or even accidents in the workplace.

A recent Hearing Care Industry Association report found that productivity costs for people with hearing loss in 2017 was $3,566, most of which was due to reduced employment (72 per cent)5.

Of those people who did seek treatment, they revealed that hearing aids have helped to create a better work environment and job performance, according to Better Hearing Institute research6.

5 per cent of people aged 15 – 51 have some degree of hearing impairment.

Don’t miss out on the important things

Whether it’s your niece saying your name for the first time or a funny joke being told by a colleague, if you can’t hear, who knows what you’ll miss out on? If you’re sick of struggling to listen, you may choose to separate yourself from friends and family to avoid embarrassment. Isolating yourself can lead to depression – a condition found to be linked to hearing loss.

Don't let your hearing stop you from enjoying life's little moments.Don’t let your hearing stop you from enjoying life’s little moments.

There are many discreet hearing aids on offer

Of people needing hearing aids in Australia, only one in four actually wear one, according to Hearing Care Industry Association research. With hearing aids designed to amplify sounds and create a better listening environment, wearing one could help you more than you imagined.

In 2017, the development and transformation of hearing aids has come on leaps and bounds compared to previous, clunky models. Today, thanks to technological advancements, there’s a fantastic range of models to suit individual needs.

Western Hearing Services are proud to offer the Oticon Opn – a hearing aid designed to process sound 50 times faster than other devices. Enjoy better sound quality with less distortion, with the ability to reduce your listening effort by 20 per cent.

With so many reasons to check the status of your hearing, call the team at Western Hearing Services on 1800 781 653 or click here to book your no cost* hearing assessment today.

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