Can I still play sports with hearing aids?

If you're a new wearer of hearing aids, although you may still be adjusting to your devices, you'll have hopefully noticed a difference allowing you to enjoy the benefits of better hearing.

However, you may still be wondering what activities you can and can't do with your hearing aids. In truth, many of your normal day to day goings-on won't hinder or get in the way of you going about your business. Despite this, a common question by many users leaves them wondering if they can still play sports while wearing hearing aids.

Yes you can

Wearing your hearing aid won't stop you from playing sports, however, you will need to take precautions depending on the type you're involved in.

Sports such as soccer, various forms of athletics and other activities that don't involve contact to the head won't require you to remove your hearing aid. If you're playing rugby or other highly contact based sports, protection is key to prevent damage. If you're still wanting to communicate with other team members, you'll want to wear your hearing aid for complete hearing optimisation. Opting to wear a head shield or other protective gear is a great way to minimise bumps and knocks and it will also help to keep your device in place.

Keeping your hearing aid try is an important factor to remember.Keeping your hearing aid dry is an important factor to remember.

Keep it dry

Keeping your hearing aid dry is an important factor to remember, as the buildup of moisture can damage the internal circuits. Swimming is one instance where it is not wise to keep your devices in, as water and hearing aids do not mix! Simply pop them out when entering the pool for reassurance and safe keeping of your devices.

When playing most sports, participants are highly likely to get a little sweaty due to the high level of energy exerted, which isn't surprising. Unlike swimming where your hearing aid is completely away from any possibility of water damage, other sports where your device is kept in, are more prone to moisture, and therefore there is more chance of harm to the circuit.

Don't worry, there are easy ways to minimise and prevent damage to your hearing aids during exercise. There are many sweat-resistant pouches made specially to block sweat from reaching the intricate circuit, which can be fairly inexpensive, yet extremely effective. Another, more affordable option is to simply place a headband over your ears.

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