How ear plugs can protect your hearing at a music concert

Attending live music concerts is a great way to see your favourite artist or band perform and immerse yourself in an unforgettable and incredible atmosphere.

Although loud sounds are certainly expected from the crowd, speakers and of course, the music, many people don't think about the damage these increased noises are doing to their hearing.

Below we discuss how ear plugs can protect your hearing at a music concert.

'Can you hear that ringing sound?'

How often have you left an arena, gotten into bed and discovered a constant ringing sound in your ears, preventing you from getting to sleep? This is actually tinnitus, a condition where a person has an awareness of sounds in their ears i.e beeping or ringing that is not from an external source.

Over 30 per cent of the population live with some form of tinnitus and although some cases are worse than others, there is no cure1.

The subsequent ringing is a sign that you have being exposed to dangerous levels of noise and could be causing crucial damage to your hearing.

What are the safe limits?

Sound is measured in decibels (db) with guidelines in place of what is an acceptable and safe level for your hearing. Medical experts at Safework NSW report that being exposed to noise levels of 85 dB and above for more than eight hours can lead to permanent hearing loss2. On top of this figure, everytime there is a 3 dB increase in sound, the recommended exposure time is cut in half. An average rock concert can reach levels of 120 – 129 dB, according to WebMD, which is well over the advised guidelines, increasing the risk for hearing damage3.

How much noise is too much?How much noise is too much?

The tiny device making a big difference

Although we can't ask the sound technicians to turn the volume down nor should we miss out on attending concerts because of the risk to our hearing, there is one easy way to protect your ears, while still having fun at the same time – ear plugs. These tiny pieces of foam fit snugly into your ear canal for a discreet but protective effect. Without compromising on sound quality, ear plugs can reduce noise levels by 15 – 30 dB making for a safer listening experience.

Wearing ear plugs is an easy way to protect your hearing while still enjoying your favourite sounds. If you would like an indepth look into your own cognitive ability, it might be a good idea to book a *free appointment with the experts at Western Hearing Services. Call the team on 1800 940 981 or click here to book.

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