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Don’t fall for holiday hearing loss blues

With Christmas fast approaching, the days are suddenly filled by happy reunions with loved ones and that infectious festive feeling. However, for people with untreated hearing loss, it could also be a time tainted by sadness and even depression.   But why should this be the case? We take a look at the effects of...

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Can listening to my MP3 player be dangerous?

Being able to take your music collection with you wherever you go is surely one of the most incredible advances in technology. No longer do we have to lug around CDs and cassette tapes, but now we can access thousands of songs in one place, potentially listening for hours on end. While MP3 players are...

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Do you have hearing loss exhaustion?

The senses that allow us to perceive the world are the result of a carefully attuned connection between body and brain. While our ears may act as the channel for receiving sound, the brain needs to perform the necessary processing for us to recognise sounds and interpret speech. When there is an imbalance or a...

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‘Tis the season to be happy

And you could win a Christmas Hamper. The sounds of Christmas are like no other. Children’s squeals of delight as they open a gift from Santa, and the excited chatter among family are some of the most joyous moments we can experience. Over time our hearing naturally declines and the sounds of these special moments...

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