Hearing Loss

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The Impact of Hearing Loss

A survey reported, many hearing impaired people live with their untreated hearing loss for years1. On average, people with hearing loss could wait up to 10 years to address their hearing problems2. Whatever the reason may be, the delay in treating hearing loss comes with a tremendous cost.

Hearing loss could impact many facets of a person’s life, this ranges from mental, physical and emotional, in some instances, it will also impacts on family relationships to careers and social life in three main ways:

  1. Relationship with family and friends – frustration for both partners and friends, typical situations include having to repeat themselves or not being able to make themselves understood.
  2. Workplace – poor hearing could impact workplace safety and productivity, as misunderstandings can result in mistakes on the job and missed deadlines.
  3. Social – conversations may become less fluid and not being able to hear well may result in experiencing difficulties in distinguishing sounds, sometimes to others it may appear that you are ignoring them.

Where to Get Help

Western Hearing Services is an independent audiological practice specialising in hearing loss and tinnitus treatment with ten clinics in Perth and Western Australia.

Call us on 1800 345 924 or simply fill out the form on right to request a hearing check.

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2Healthy Hearing, The hidden cost of untreated hearing loss. Accessed May 18, 2015


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