Protect Your Hearing

From musicians and industrial workers to swimmers and pilots, we advise individuals from all walks of life about hearing protection methods.

We will examine a number of factors before recommending the best hearing protection strategy for you.

Getting Started

First, we need to find out the extent of your hearing damage.

As different types of hearing protection have different sound attenuation ratings, we need to narrow down which method is best for you.

Selecting Your Hearing Protection

There are 3 major factors we consider when determining hearing protection.

  1. Noise level and frequency characteristics.
  2. Individual preferences and degree of attenuation. This includes whether you need to communicate with others at work.
  3. Interaction with other equipment.

Risk Of Foam Earplugs

Studies show that the majority of workers who use foam earplugs do not insert them correctly.

That means a high proportion of people are not protecting their ears to the specifications of the earplugs they are wearing.

Custom earplugs are an effective and affordable solution.

Why Custom Earplugs Are Better

Custom-made earplugs are easier to insert, making them more likely to protect the ears to required levels.

The advantages of custom earplugs include:

  • More hygienic as they are handled less.
  • Attenuation can be tailored to your needs.
  • More comfortable as moulded to your ears.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can be worn with helmets, safety glasses, hats, earmuffs and other safety equipment.

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